Thursday, June 17, 2010

I make One Hour Sundress

I made this dress based on the tutorial One Hour Sundress by from an igloo.
This dress is finished aproximately an hour (plus a couple of minutes I think..) not include the measuring time.
This dress is a little different than the original one hour sundress.
I didn't insert elastic band inside the straps, and the bottom part of the dress isn't gathered. This dress is shorter and I think it's more like a top than a dress... 

She is happy wear this dress because the dress has strawberries ...     :D

I am joining Sew-It at sew chic and unique.  This is the first time I am joining it.
Go to this blog and find out what is Sew It and how you can join.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Apple Reversible Bag

Reversible Bag collages, originally uploaded by happytobenice.

This bag is made from Reversible Bag Pattern by verypurpleperson. The pattern is available for free download at her site or at burdastyle
The fabric is from local store at jalan Tamim. It is cotton with apples and flowers print.
I have leftover from 15 tote bags,.. well it's not really leftover, I bought the fabric more than I need, I have plenty of this fabric.
My mother is a headmaster of a lttle playgroup (in Indonesia, we call it pos paud). She wants to give the teachers (there are just 2 teachers) a present. and she agree to give them this reversible bag.
I make two reversible bags in two days, I told you I am a slow sewer.... also I've made a mistake.. I attach the strap incorrectly, I can fix it but it takes more time to finish.
I make the fabric flower too, It is from 2 inches wide fabric. I fold it and sew basting sitch by hand. then I pull the thread and roll it.



Friday, June 11, 2010

Fifteen Tote Bags

These are my first order... I finally finish them.
Fifteen Tote bags with name initial tag.

Ruffle flowers

My mom made this long sleeve T-shirt for little D, I think it's too plain ( oh I forgot to take the before picture ) I decided to make it prettier with this flowers.

This flowers are made from some strips. I gathered the strips to make ruffle strips, and then I sew them by hand to the T-shirt.  The ruffle attached to the T-shirt following spiral imaginary pattern.
The leaves are made from felt. Attached to the T-shirt with embroidery floss. This kind of stitch is called basting stitch.
The stem made with stem stitch.
Oh.. T-shirt and flowers are knit fabrics.
This T-shirt is still a little too big for my daughter, so I just put it in the wardrobe. Maybe in a couple of months it will be wearable.
I enter this T-shirt to Trimmed with love contest.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ten Things ( I think ) You Should Know About Me

I write this post for entering a giveaway (again?).  I wanted to do this a long time a go.. since I started this blog. I thought  I have to introduce myself..., but I need a little push to do it.. and This giveaway at Homemaker Honey is a perfect 'encouragement' for me to write this post.
Ok... Let's begin........................Ummm...
  1. I am not good in talking about myself..(I'm not good in talking about anything.. still learning!)
  2. If I said " I am in diet." in the morning, I will end up having 4 times meals plus some fatty snacks that day.
  3. I have two beautiful daughters.
  4. I don't put sugar or/and cream in my coffee or tea. In juice too. I don't like sugar in my drinks, it'll give me headache.
  5. But I adore sweet food: cake, chocolate, candy, ice cream,....
  6. When I grew up (teenager) I listen to Metallica. They were famous.
  7.  I love sewing.
  8. I am 38 ... will be 39 on November this year.
  9. I have been married for 11 years. He was not love at first sight and he was not my best friend. I found out one day that he is adorable... (is it the right word?) . We were 'boyfriend-girlfriend' for 5 years before we got married.
  10. I love finding new blog to read. 
Thank you to homemaker honey

for doing this unique giveaway, so I can  write my ten things.......

A Week Long Giveaway At Jane's Fabrics and Quilt

Jane's fabric is celebrating her 400 post and the wedding quilt for her daughter by giving away a lot of fabrics for a whole week...
click on this link, it will take you to jane's fabrics and quilt

Monday, June 7, 2010

Coasters I won

I enter a lot of giveaways during the sew, mama, sew giveaway day, and I won these cute coasters... made from fabric selvage. And I got extra owl sticker too..

These coasters are from Sarah V (Sew Joy).  Thank You Sarah V........
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