Saturday, February 20, 2010

want to tell you something ...

My owly card is the first place winner at sewmamasew's true love valentine contest. This is the first time I win  on a competition. I still can't believe it, I can't decide: post it or not post it, I'm afraid it will change.. silly me,
So.. here I am telling you that I am a winner. This 'winner' thing really encourage me to continue what I'm doing, making something with my hand, with helps from needle, thread, my sewing machine,...

I want to say thanks to my friend who is the owner of this Owly card, I hope you win his heart with this card.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Full Love for My Love

And this is the card for my husband


True Love contest

This is a fabric card that I make for my friend. My friend asked me if I have a valentine's gift idea, I told her about the fabric card at sewmamasew, she likes the idea and ask me to make one for her.

I made this fabric card from scraps that I already have, I used these scraps for another project (pink bag).
The picture in fabric card: the owl and the speech bubble, are aplique with blanket stitch, owly's wings are made with stem stitches, the branches are made with stem stitches too. And the leaves are chain stitches.
It has three speech bubbles that can be change. I make the bubbles from felt.
I enter this fabric card to true love contest at This is my fabric card at sewmamasew forum.

Owly has something to say...

Owly with the front of the envelope

Owly with the back of the envelope

Owly has lots of love to give

Owly says I Love You

Owly wants you to be hers

Monday, February 8, 2010

Finished project

This is my winter colour project:


I hope I can post the how to make this white dress soon.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

dress & jacket

Here is didi jacket and dress

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