Thursday, November 26, 2009


Free clothes pattern from a french site. It's in french but it's easy to follow : . This is the blog who have links to the pattern pages, just click on the image you want to see. It will bring you straight to the pattern page, in the bottom of page there is option in what type of document you want to download, pdf or zip.
Right click on the logo pdf or zip, then choose save.
If you don't find the logos. You can click on text: Telecharger. It means download.


I've been busy..
I have tried to make a tutorial, but i am not very happy about the result.
Now I know, it's difficult to make a tutorial, especially with this camera.
I do some recycle clothes but so sorry that I can't show them here.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Handwriting Font

I'm still working on my project, a blouse for my daughter, It;s not finished yet, actually it takes more times than the other projects.

In my lazy time, I put the project, and start browsing with my computer. I found this site, who has some cute handwriting fonts for free, and some tutorials to make blogging more fun.

I try to follow the tutorial about changing the font for blog title, date header, and side bar title. And It works.
You can see... My blog have new look.

The site is kevinandamanda, here you can find also some recipes, scrapbooking, etc...

Ok! I have to go back to my project, hope the next post is about it.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

My Sewing Machine


I want to introduce my sewing machine. It is a vintage sewing machine, the manufacturer called "Fatmah" and it is made in Indonesia.
It is old but still can run and finish my project. I operate this sewing machine by moving the pedal under the sewing machine with my feet. It is fun.. really.. and it runs slower than an electric sewing machine.

It was owned by my late grandparents, they were tailors who make custom clothes for other people.

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