Saturday, April 24, 2010

Let's Make A Bag continue

The bag is not done yet, .. slowly huh...
Aniway, here is the cutting process...

 1.    print the pattern, cut them and attach it a rectangle for body of the bag.
        The pattern is made from 4 parts: upper part of the bag (this part must be attach to a  
        rectangle to make a body pattern of the bag,  bottom part, a padding for inside the bag, 
        rounded edge of the straps.
        I use the body pattern and round edge strap pattern.
Pattern Pieces

2.    Cut the bag fabric and the lining fabric according to the pattern.

Fabric pieces

3.     For the body, I cut the fabric on fold in bottom and center bag, the picture on the right 
        shows the fabric cutted an unfolded.
on fold                                                                                unfold

4.     For straps, I cut a long rectangle 2 pieces for bag and lining, and a short rectangle 2 
        pieces. I draw myself an hour-glass shapes  on the strap's tips.

Am I forgetting something..? I think not.
That's all for now... ''_''

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Let's Make A Bag

hi there ... I am still sewing and make stuff, I am just lazy to take picture, and I am lazy to write a post without picture. But somehow the lazy days have to come to an end.

I have this fabric for couple of months. 

When I purchased it, I had have plan to make a bag with long strap, maybe they call it 'sling bag'. So when I have the time, I start to looking for pattern for the bag that I want.

I come accross a site: frugal and thriving, they have a post about 45 Awesome Free Bag Making Tutorials.
 all 45 bags are really awesome, some bags look simple and easy to make, and some bags look complicated, but what I want to make is a bag with long strap ( not a tote bag ). The bag should be easy to make, have clear tutorial and it would be nice if the bag have a (free) pdf pattern.

I decided to make slouch bag , This is a bag from random-charm

I like this bag, not exactly the bag that I had in mind but close enough. This bag have pdf pattern and tutorial, and I have plan to make some changes.

Go directly to the blog post of random-charm ( click the bag picture ). There you will find link to download the pdf pattern and the tutorial. 
The tutorial is clear and easy to understand. The pattern is on two sheets of paper, and you will need a rectangle that you draw yourself ( the measurement is on the pattern piece ), you also need to draw pattern for inside pouches if you want to add some.
Next post, I will show the cutting process of this bag. ^_^

Monday, April 5, 2010

Amarettogirl's giveaway

I have to say goodbye to this basket (giveaway from amarettogirl).
I have follow all the instruction to win this basket, until yesterday it was easy to leave comments on amarettogirl's site.
I don't know what went wrong but in the last two posts, I can't submit my comments. I keep clicking the button and it didn't work. I try to comment on the post I already posted a comment, still did't work.
So.. I am loosing my chance to win the basket. It is very disappointing.... "_"
But I am not regret following amarettogirl's site. It is sooo full of inspiration. I consider knowing this site is a 'giveaway' that I win.
just for fun, If I can leave my comment, I would have choose number 44, let's see if my number is the lucky one.
Why 44? 4 is the date of my husband's birthday, and I double it : 44........... ^_^

Friday, April 2, 2010

Rainy Season Cleaning

It's spring out there... but here we don't have spring, we just have two season dry season and rainy season.
 And now it's raining here...  Although, it's not spring here, but as I read a lot about spring cleaning, it gives me motivation to do some cleaning too and in rainy season it is recomended to do serious cleaning in the house and the yard to prevent some pledge that often come with rainy season.
I start with cleaning the refrigerator.

tips: You can replace chemical liquid for cleaning with a solution from water and a few drops of vinegar. This can clean everything, It will smell like vinegar for a while but the smell won't stay too long.
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