Monday, April 5, 2010

Amarettogirl's giveaway

I have to say goodbye to this basket (giveaway from amarettogirl).
I have follow all the instruction to win this basket, until yesterday it was easy to leave comments on amarettogirl's site.
I don't know what went wrong but in the last two posts, I can't submit my comments. I keep clicking the button and it didn't work. I try to comment on the post I already posted a comment, still did't work.
So.. I am loosing my chance to win the basket. It is very disappointing.... "_"
But I am not regret following amarettogirl's site. It is sooo full of inspiration. I consider knowing this site is a 'giveaway' that I win.
just for fun, If I can leave my comment, I would have choose number 44, let's see if my number is the lucky one.
Why 44? 4 is the date of my husband's birthday, and I double it : 44........... ^_^

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