Sunday, June 13, 2010

Apple Reversible Bag

Reversible Bag collages, originally uploaded by happytobenice.

This bag is made from Reversible Bag Pattern by verypurpleperson. The pattern is available for free download at her site or at burdastyle
The fabric is from local store at jalan Tamim. It is cotton with apples and flowers print.
I have leftover from 15 tote bags,.. well it's not really leftover, I bought the fabric more than I need, I have plenty of this fabric.
My mother is a headmaster of a lttle playgroup (in Indonesia, we call it pos paud). She wants to give the teachers (there are just 2 teachers) a present. and she agree to give them this reversible bag.
I make two reversible bags in two days, I told you I am a slow sewer.... also I've made a mistake.. I attach the strap incorrectly, I can fix it but it takes more time to finish.
I make the fabric flower too, It is from 2 inches wide fabric. I fold it and sew basting sitch by hand. then I pull the thread and roll it.



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