Saturday, April 24, 2010

Let's Make A Bag continue

The bag is not done yet, .. slowly huh...
Aniway, here is the cutting process...

 1.    print the pattern, cut them and attach it a rectangle for body of the bag.
        The pattern is made from 4 parts: upper part of the bag (this part must be attach to a  
        rectangle to make a body pattern of the bag,  bottom part, a padding for inside the bag, 
        rounded edge of the straps.
        I use the body pattern and round edge strap pattern.
Pattern Pieces

2.    Cut the bag fabric and the lining fabric according to the pattern.

Fabric pieces

3.     For the body, I cut the fabric on fold in bottom and center bag, the picture on the right 
        shows the fabric cutted an unfolded.
on fold                                                                                unfold

4.     For straps, I cut a long rectangle 2 pieces for bag and lining, and a short rectangle 2 
        pieces. I draw myself an hour-glass shapes  on the strap's tips.

Am I forgetting something..? I think not.
That's all for now... ''_''

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