Saturday, May 1, 2010

Let's Make A Bag - finish

I want my bag to have two inside pockets. One with zipper and the other one without zipper.
To make the pockets, I cut three rectangles in different sizes: 1. 21 cm - 5 cm; 2. 21 cm - 14,5 cm; 3. 29 cm - 14 cm. Seam allowances not included, so I add 1 cm for seam allowance. And I need a zipper.

I attach the zipper to the rectangle no 1 and no 2, then I fold the seam allowance and pin it to the position (center of lining bag). I stitch the pocket to the lining bag.

 Pin the pocket without zipper  to the lining bag and sew it. I add stitch in the 'a little to the right middle', so I have two more pockets here.

I am Ok with these pockets, now I sew around the edge (side edges and bottom edge) of the lining bag right sides together, so I have an inside bag. I do the same with the bag (yellow fabric). I am sorry I don't have picture of this step.
Then I attach the strap to the bag's body.

On both bottom corner I sew a line to make this bag have a square shape.

I finished make two square shape bags, now I sew them together to make a whole one bag.
First, I put the lining with right side out in the bag with wrong side out, so now I have the bag's right sides together. I sew the bag and the lining right side together.I sew all around edges and leave an open space on the center. ( after doing this I realize that it would be better if the opening is on the bag's part that have straight line to sew example on the strap part ).

Clip the seam allowances at the curve points.

I trim the bottom corner. I do this on all four corner from the bag and the lining.
Before I turn the bag inside out, I make the strap for button first. I cut a little rectangle and double fold it then iron it.

I sew the button strap,
 and I sew the button strap to the center of bag, on the space that I left open.

Now I am ready to turn the bag. 
to make it easier on topstitching the bag, I iron the bag first, specially the part where I will topstitch it.
Topstitch will add shape to the bag and it is to close the open space that I used to turn the bag inside out.

 I sew the button, 

 and make a knotted strap.
Pheww! Finally...

Ok, the bag is finished... 
I already have another project, actually this project have finished before I finish this bag. Well.. I am an easy distracted person, .. that is why my project list is rarely checked and I have a pile of unfinished project.

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