Thursday, May 13, 2010

Kids Clothes ...

It's day 3 allready at Kids Clothes Week Challenges, and my project is not finish yet.
Today, i spent almost all day making this top for big sister.
 I have cut the fabric yesterday and start sewing in the morning (after preparing breakfast, doing the cleaning and laundry) well.. it's almost noon actually when I start sewing the top.
This top or tunic pattern is from burda fashion, I pick the smallest size (34). .. my daughter is 10 years old and her height is 148 cm. I altered the pattern: adding the shoulder width, the original pattern is too narrow; shortening the tunic length and add ruffle to the tunic bottom. and I am thinking of adding pockets .

I spent the longest time to attach the zipper and it still doesn't look good to me but I manage to hide it.
The rest is not difficult but I still have to be carefull.

I will continue sewing this top tomorrow, tomorrow I will be sewing the sleeve and trimming the thread.


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