Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Twin Pencil Pouch Part 2

It's time to continue..
Now I have fabric with "A" aplique and flower applique.

Let's sew the zipper

1. Make sandwich from appliqueed fabric, zipper and lining fabric right side together. turn them and make topstich.

2. Turn it again, sew a basting stitch all around the edges, leave a small opening.
3. Pull out the right side of the fabric.
4. Close the opening by handstitch
5. Now I have two pouches.

6. Run a basting stitch inside a pouch to connect that two pencil pouch.

I am not too happy.... the finished pouch is uneven, one is wider a little than the other.
But I like the "A" and the flower on felt, i think I will make more...

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