Monday, May 10, 2010

Twin Pencil Pouch

I made two pencil pouch, and stitch them together, now I have twin pencil pouch.
I will try to tell you what I've been through to get this twin pencil pouch.
1. I cut the fabric according to the size I want.

2. sew the flower and the pink fabrics right side together, and topstich them

3.Make the flower and the "A" for applique. I draw myself a flower and an "A" on the wrong side of fabric, cut it and sew them with zigzag stitch to a felt. cut the felt around the applique pattern. Sew the applique to the fabric that I have topstitched.

O.. my internet time is up ( little sister wakes up..psst.. ),  this project story is to be continued...


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