Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ten Things ( I think ) You Should Know About Me

I write this post for entering a giveaway (again?).  I wanted to do this a long time a go.. since I started this blog. I thought  I have to introduce myself..., but I need a little push to do it.. and This giveaway at Homemaker Honey is a perfect 'encouragement' for me to write this post.
Ok... Let's begin........................Ummm...
  1. I am not good in talking about myself..(I'm not good in talking about anything.. still learning!)
  2. If I said " I am in diet." in the morning, I will end up having 4 times meals plus some fatty snacks that day.
  3. I have two beautiful daughters.
  4. I don't put sugar or/and cream in my coffee or tea. In juice too. I don't like sugar in my drinks, it'll give me headache.
  5. But I adore sweet food: cake, chocolate, candy, ice cream,....
  6. When I grew up (teenager) I listen to Metallica. They were famous.
  7.  I love sewing.
  8. I am 38 ... will be 39 on November this year.
  9. I have been married for 11 years. He was not love at first sight and he was not my best friend. I found out one day that he is adorable... (is it the right word?) . We were 'boyfriend-girlfriend' for 5 years before we got married.
  10. I love finding new blog to read. 
Thank you to homemaker honey

for doing this unique giveaway, so I can  write my ten things.......

1 comment:

  1. Hello Bandung!

    Great 10 Things list! I have a sweet tooth, too. Anything chocolate is best. I also, love to sew. I learned from my mother and grandmother. I have been married for 3 years. No children . . . yet (soon we hope).

    I hope you visit Homemaker Honey again soon!



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